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[REVIEW] Seven Days

Seven Days (South Korea, 2007)

Title: 세븐 데이즈
Also known as: 7 Days
Genre: Crime, thriller
Release Date: November 14th, 2007

Ji Yeon is a sucessful lawyer and single mother to a seven-year-old girl. On her daughter's field day, she competes with other parents in a running race and almost comes in the first place. However, nowhere could she find the girl who's been watching and rooting for her mother to win. Later that day, she receives a phone call from an anonymous man, who tells her he has her daughter in custody and proposes a deal. To see her daughter alive, Ji Yeon needs to prove a convicted murderer not guilty on his second trial, only within a week. Source: MDL

Overall Score: 4/10
Character Development: 3/10
Plot Development: 3/10

Acting: 6/10
Soundtrack: 6/10

[NEWS] My top 5 new dramas (November Edition)

 My Top 5 New dramas (November Edition)

Yeah...I'll remember this month as a not quite as exciting as the previous months
month, also the V for Vendetta mask creeps me out. Perfect for Halloween, don't you agree?  <_<

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

[NEWS] Korean Drama Madame Antoine Reveals Cast and Plot Details!

Marie Antoinette in a psychological setting?

Upcoming Kdrama Madame Antoine has finally revelaed it's main cast! It'll be Sung Joon (Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, High Society) and Han Ye Seul (Birth of a Beauty) playing the two main leads in this new psychological romance drama.

A quick synopsis:
Ko Hye-Rim (Han Ye-Seul) is a famous fortune-teller. She is known as "Madame Antoine" and insists that she is spiritually connected to Marie Antoinette, but that part is a lie. She is able to see through people's stories due to her intelligence and keen sense. She dreams of having love in a romantic film. Ko Hye-Rim then takes part in a psychological test project conducted by psychotherapist Choi Soo-Hyun (Sung Joon). His goal is to prove that true love does not exist. Coincidentally, the name for his psychological treatment center is Madame Antoine. - Mydramalist

The drama is set to start airing on November 27th.

I've been following Sung Joon's drama for quite some time now and even if this plot doesn't sound super original, it kind of feels like it'll still be a fun ride, so I will check it out. What about you guys? Are you exited for Sung Joon's and Han Ye Seul's new project?

Source: Mydramalist


Halloween-ish movies and dramas ~ 

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[Drama Recap and Analysis] D-Day Episode 3

D-day (2015, South Korea)


                     [SPOILERS BELOW!] This is a recap and analysis of episode 3

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[Drama Recap and Analysis] D-Day Episode 2

D-Day (2015, South Korea)

                       [SPOILERS BELOW!] This is a recap and analysis of episode 2

Thursday, 22 October 2015

[NEWS] The Result of Omodramaland's Drama Poll (October Edition)

Poll Results Yo ~

Hellu guys ~
It's already been a month since the last result post, and this time, it seems like the results will be a tiny bit different. The reason for that is because it turned out that right after I put up the poll, the kdrama Descendant of the Sun got postponed from its October-November schedule to february-March 2016...sigh....and that wouldn't have been so important if it hadn't been for the fact that that drama won this month. But worry not, I've decided to just put it on the side for now, and then once it does start airing I'll ask you guys whether you want me to recap or review it.

Since that turned out to be the case, I've decided to focus on the other drama that came in second place, with 30% of the votes, which was Six Flying Dragons!!! 

Yaaay XD Thanks for voting for this drama! I'm personally very happy this drama came second, since I'm already watching it and I'm hooked! I FREAKING LOVE it to death (Yes capslock was needed! *_*). So far it's one of my favorites of 2015, if not THE favorite drama of 2015 xD  It is awesome, the OST blows my mind, the characters are super complex, the story is gripping, the action scenes are among the best I've seen in my life (Ddang Sae has a freaking sword dance going on and gaaaah feeels <3) it's psychological, it's sad, it's funny, it's just.....amazing you guys, you have to check it out! I'll definitely do my best to spamm it enough and hopefully convince you all to check out this Saeguk Greatness! Mwahahaha XD In order to do that, and because I just have so much I want to talk about, analyze and fangirl over (especially the complex anti-hero main character.  My wish came true guy! Lee Bang Won not a nice guy! He has a pretty twisted mind, ...he does some questionable things) but I won't get into that now, you'll have enough time to read about it in my future posts, as I've decided that I'll, instead of recaps or reviews, I'll do analysis-posts of every episode. That way, you guys will be able to join the discussion if you wish, and I'll just fangirl and rant about what I liked and disliked etc. It will contain spoilers, just so you know. So it would be good if those of you who want to join the discussion have watched the episode before reading every post, but it's your choice xP Since the drama is so long and so much stuff happens in every single episode I thought that a first impression post wouldn't do it justice, neither would a review. It would either be too short and I'd not be able to ay everything I want, or it'd be too long and I'll still not be able to write downe everything I feel like needs to be said about the characters and the story. I already have so much I want to say and it's only the 5th yeah.. xD 
Does that sound like a good idea? I could do a final review of it too if you guys wish that. So yeah, do let me know in a comment below xP. Once again, thank you all for voting for your favorites, and I'll see you guys next time ~

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[REVIEWS] Oh My Ghost!

Oh My Ghost (South Korea, 2015)

Title: 오 나의 귀신님/Oh My Ghost!
Also known as: Oh My Ghostess
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Supernatural
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: Jul 3, 2015 to Aug 22, 2015

The story is about the clumsy, insecure and shy girl Bong Soon who works at an all male-resturant as a chief-in-training but she is not particularly good at anything and feels like she's mostly just in the way. She also has a secret, she can see ghosts, which causes a lot of trouble for her in her everyday life, but it isn't until she, through a twist of events gets possessed by the ghost of a young girl named Shin Soon Ae that her life makes a 360 degree change. Shin Soon Ae is a ghost with a grudge because she died a virgin and therefore is unable to move on to the "afterlife" until she has fullfilled all of her desires. Thinking that the posession is a good temporary cover, Soon Ae posesses Bong Soon to escape the wrath of a shaman who is trying to lock her up so she doesn't create havoc in the human world, Soon Ae soon realises that escaping Bong Soon's body is easier said than done. As legends say, if a ghost posesses the body of a person who is "100% her match" the ghost will be stuck and to Soon Ae's greatest fear that is preciecely what happens. Trying to accept the new body and situation she's in, Soon Ae takes on the role of Bong Soon and starts working at the restaurant and also ends up falling for the head chief and owner, Sun Woo, also known as "chief". Claiming Sun Woo as the love of her life, Soon Ae decides to use Bong Soon's body to get close to him and get rid of her grudge.
Overall Score: 8.5/10
Character Development: 8/10
Plot Development: 9/10
Acting: 10/10
Soundtrack: 6/10

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

I'M BACK ~ !!!! (Updates and News)


(UPDATE On Yoo Seung Ho's Kdrama 'Imaginary Cat' down below!)

YES! I made it guys! I survived the tough exams X_X Law is seriously hell! Hell! Sorry if any one of you is a law-student but law made me go through mental breakdowns. It's seriously difficult as....fudge! (Gotta minimize the swearing here, I'm an adult so ...yeah...<_<...Fudge!) But I managed to survive, so it's all good. Now that we have that boring stuff out of the way, let's talk about the goodie goodies that I've missed out on ~
I won't go into too much detail about everything and every news that I've missed, so I've decided to just briefly mention some of the major headline news that I consider awesome that happened while I was away. But before I do that I just have to say that I finished Oh My Ghost! and Yong Pal, so reviews on those two will be up in the begining of next week ~ look forward to that ;) and now on to the juicy news ~

The first 2015 Korean Drama Awards were announce and the winner of the big daesang award (basically the biggest award you can win as an actor) was Kim Soo Hyun (Producers)
To name a few thers: Yong Pal won best script, EXO's Chanyeol (EXO Next Door) won the new actor award, Lee Joon (Heard it through the grapevine) won excellent actor award (YES BABY!!!) and the drama OST award went to the OST for Kill Me Heal Me. Now I saw a lot of comments about how people were very disappointed and angry at the fact that Kim Soo Hyun won the daesang award and not Ji Sung (Kill Me Heal Me), and while I have to say, I'm also very sad about that, I think Ji Sung did an outstanding job with his role (roles!!!) and Kill Me Heal Me is one of my favorite dramas of 2015, but I honestly felt very bad for Kim Soo Hyun when I read all those comments. Some people just expressed their disappointment but others were plain rude O_o I got shocked! I can understand that people feel salty that the award didn't go to the person they hoped for, but shouldn't we still respect the winner? Why hate the actor? It's not like Kim Soo Hyun voted for himself.
While Producers wasn't really my favorite cup of tea of this year, I still don't see why some people feel the need to bash the actor for winng. I was sad too, but this is not the end you guys! SBS and KBS will have their award shows too, so let's keep your fingers crossed that Ji Sung will win "best actor" award there! As for Yong Pal winning best, I won't go into too much detail on my opinions here, I'll save it for the review xD haha. Now you'll have to read that one to figure out how I felt! HAH! xD I'm so evil. I'm making you guys read multiple blog posts >:D As for Chanyeol winning best new actor award, hm...I'm not really surprised since the mini/webdrama did well, and while I haven't personally seen it, people have said the EXO members did a great job so yeah, congrats Chanyeol! xD Source: Koreaboo

UPDATE: Imaginary Cat will be an eight episodes long drama and will start airing in late November on MBC Every1. It means that Yoo Seung Ho has accepted both the role in Imaginary Cat and in Remember! He will start filming for Remember as soon as Imaginary Cat ends!
The next big news (and my personal favorite)Is that smexy child...NO now he's officially an Adult Actor- Yoo Seung Ho is back in dramaland! After finishing his military service he's filmed two movies and is now finally getting ready to step back on to the small screen as he's been offered two very interesting, yet very different roles in the dramas: Imaginary Cat and Remember. In Imaginary Cat
He'll be playing the role of a young man named Hyun Jong-Hyun, a webtoon writer and part-time seller at a bookstore. He's always dreamed of working as a webtoon writer, but has stumbles upon various difficulties due to his stubborn and self-centered personality. He also has a cat named Boggil. He first met his cat on the street on a rainy day. Since then, they have lived together and Hyun Jong-Hyun only opens his mind to Boggil. The first impression I got was that it sounds like a very odd yet fresh plot. I'm very curious! I like cats and I like Yoo Seung Ho so we shall see how this will work out xD
As for Remember, it is a law, political, psychology, drama about a man named Seo Woo Bin who has the condition of hyperthymesia, which allows him to remember almost every day in perfect detail. To prove the innocence of his father, Woo Bin becomes a lawyer. He struggles to prove his father's innocence, but he begins to lose his memory due to Alzheimer’s.
This story is kind of the exact opposite of the cute cat one o_o I really like that he went for two very different dramas. I'm very excited for both of them! I'm leaning more towards Remember, I'm just a sucker for angsty and dark plots xD Source: Mydramalist

Next up:
We all remember the smexy talented actor Ji Chang Wook right? Whether you're a new fan who discovered this glorious man in Healer or Empress Ki, or if you've known him since his early Warrior Baek Dong Soo days, there is no exaggeration in my tone when I say that this guy, rocked the past few drama years and he keeps surprising me with every new project he picks up. The saying "Everything he touches turns to gold" applies for this man - literally! And I'm very excited to announce that he has touched yet another project! He will be starring in the upcoming chinese-korean drama My Male God. Aside from the name and that he'll be filming in both China and South Korea, we don't really know anything about the plot. Which makes me a bit sad, I want to have at least a sentece about the plot xD Give me something...anything!!! Oww well ._. guess it's too early guys. I'll write a new post on this one as well as soon as I find confirmed information about the plot. For now, it seems like the plot is left up for our imagination haha xD Source: Allkpop

Last but not least, Lee Joon Gi, who just recently wrapped up the drama The Scholar Who Walks At Night has picked up another project, and this time it's a Hollywood movie! YES! That is correct! He's been offered a role alongside Milla Jovovich to starr in the movie 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' and judging by the actress comment that she uploaded along with a picture of herself and the actor, he's been impressing and stealing hearts of women left and right. Milla Jovovich has commented "Working for the last few nights with the incredible 3rd Dan Tae Kwon Do master and actor Joon Gi @actor_jg has been insanely fun and so inspiring. Makes me want to go back to class and brush up on my martial arts skills!"
Isn't that adorable? <3 I don't really know if Lee Joon Gi has a big role in the movie, maybe he's just a supporting role hm.., either way, I'm looking forward to seeing Lee Joon Gi kick ass in Hollywood *_* I hope the movie will be shown in cinemas! Woop woop! (link for anyone who wants to see the picture and the original comment Milla made ^^*)

Hm..I think that's it. I'm very happy to be back and I hope I hope you're ready to get spammed by reviews, recaps and more news xD Let me know in the comments below on what you think or feel about these news? Also, if you want, leave me suggestions on dramas you'd like me to check out and review. I'll gladly consider it! :D
Well then, until next time guys ~


[NEWS] Park Min Young and Park Sung Woong join Yoo Seung Ho's drama!

Remember keeps adding up famous names to its starring list!

It has been revealed that Park Min Young (Healer, City Hunter) and Park Sung Woong (Hidden Identity) are the next big names to join Yoo Seung Ho for the exciting kdrama psychological thriller Remember.
Park Sung Woong will play a man who becomes a lawyer for loan shark mobsters in order to escape a life of extreme poverty. But he later rises above that life and becomes a lawyer at a law firm that saves people’s lives. He’s a dogged, resourceful character who always accomplishes what he sets out to do, and is a survivor with animal instincts.
He and Yoo Seung Ho's character will meet while working on the main character's father's case, and will both get swept up in the larger conspiracy at play. Park Sung Woong's character is also carrying a secret that Yoo Seung Ho doesn’t know, which will greatly affect the case.
Park Min Young will also play the role of a lawyer, someone who gradually grows as a person and becomes mature.

What can I say? Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young? I'm all in for that *_* I hope there will be romance!

The drama is set to air in December after Village: Secret of Achiara.

Source: Dramabeans

[NEWS] MBC Saves Goodbye Mr. Black!

Miracles do happen in Dramaland!

Yes you read it right!
The upcoming korean drama Goodbye Mr. Black which got dropped by SBS and had its uncertain future hanging in the air has now been picked up by MBC!
I can't even start to express my happiness over these news! *_* Starring Moon Chae Won, Lee Jin Wook, Song Jae Rim and Kim Kang Woo, the romance/revenge-melodrama will start to air in early 2016.
Are you guys excited?

Source: AsianWiki