Thursday, 11 February 2016

[NEWS] My top 5 new dramas (February Edition)

My top new dramas (February Edition)

February is here folks! The month some of us have been waiting for ~ and the reason for that starts with Song and ends with Joong Ki. Hell yeah ~ Descendant of the Sun is finally going to air! *o* But that's not the only goodie goodies this month has to offer. Without further ado, let's check out Omodramaland's top 5 upcoming dramas of February ~

Monday, 8 February 2016

[REVIEW] Goong

Goong (2006, South Korea)

Also known as: Palace; Princess Hours
Genre: romance, Comedy, manhwa
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: MBC 
Broadcast period: Jan 11th - March 30th 2006

Chae Gyeong is an ordinary art high school student. One day, she hears totally unexpected news that, based on her grandfathers will, she must marry the unemotional Crown Prince Shin who attends the same high school as her. She resists the proposal, but reluctantly marries him to help her debt-ridden family. As she struggles to adapt herself to the proper manners and royal duties of palace life and to her disagreeable husband, Shins sentimental cousin and second-in-line to the throne Yul steps into her life. She feels like she can rely on Yul to help her, but can't help worrying about her haughty, cold-hearted husband. To help bridge this gap, the senior members of the royal family take some special measures to get them to spend the night together. - MDL

Overall Score: 5.5/10
Character Development: 6/10
Plot Development: 5/10
Acting: 6.5/10
Soundtrack: 4/10 (forgettable)

Monday, 1 February 2016

[UPDATE] [NEWS] Park Ki Woong Chooses Monster as his Return Drama

That's right ladies and gentleman, my husband is back! -cough- okay, he's not technically my husband (obviously)...we're not married yet, just engaged XD, (Don't worry, we can share ~) 
For those of you who don't know Park Ki Woong rose to fame through Bridal Mask, alongside Joo Won, sadly he was already in his late 20's when the drama aired so he had to leave for the mandatory military service a year or so after. However, now he is finally back and I can't even begin to express how happy I am! He is not the first "kdrama hubby" that I've watched leave and return from the army (Lee Tae Sung was the first), so I guess his absence didn't hit me AS hard as I thought it would, but nevertheless I started to wonder what his next project would be upon return and turns out, the next project is already settled xD this man doesn't seem to know what the word "vacation" means as he's stil not officially discharged from the military and he's already jumped on-board MBC's upcoming melodrama Monster
The drama will a 50-episodes melodrama about a man who sets out to get revenge on societies elite. As the drama was formerly known as "Tyrant" I'm guessing some dark, corrupted shit to go down in this one. Park Ki Woong's character is probably the one who caught my attention the most: According to Dramabeans he will be playing a character who is cast aside by his family because he’s born to a concubine (er, I suppose that just means non-wife in this day and age, but chaebol clans do tend to mimic royalty), and he grows up with his mother in America. He comes back and successfully reclaims his position, evicting the opposition that had cut him out, and then transforms into a cold-hearted, dissipated tyrant. Hm, so perhaps he’s the one the former title Tyrant referred to, though it’s entirely possible that with so many corrupt chaebols running around, it could be any of a number of them.
Starring Kang Ji Hwan, Jo Boa and now Park Ki Woong, Monster has quickly become one of my most anticipated dramas thus far! *_* I mean, if the amazing cast-list doesn't ring a "OMG THIS HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE AMAZEBALLS-bell", then the fact that the script-writers are the guys who wrote Empress Ki, Incarnation of Money and History of a Salaryman, certainly will! Random sidenote, but I love it when scriptwriters decide to cast the same actors in their dramas, apparently they were also impressed by Kang Ji Hwan's acting in Incarnation of Money <3 
Monster has yet to cast the leading lady, but I doubt they'll mess it up with a stellar cast thus far! (But never say never I guess...I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Yoon Eun Hye, because you know....she hasn't done anything since might be time to come <_<) 
Anyways, this is definitely Park Ki Woong's grand return so you can be sure I'll spam more posts about this drama when more information comes out mwahaha.

UPDATE: Sung Yuri will be playing the main female. Hell yes!! Another grand return since her last drama, which aired in 2013. What else can I say? The cast-list blows my mind! *_* 

Source and quote from: dramabeans