I'm Mina and welcome to Omodramaland, a blog dedicated to the wonderful and addicting world of Asian dramas and movies!  

On this blog I will:
  • Review various dramas and movies
  • Post recaps of every episode of some hand-picked dramas (I'm also open for suggestions)
  • Discuss and analyze plots (either at the end of a recap or as an own post)
  • Post in-depth information about certain actors and actresses in a list I've named "Let's get to know..."
  • Update on news from drama- and movieland
  • Write in-depth analysis of fictional characters that grab my attention
  • Do lists and updates on what dramas and movies I recommend & what I'm currently watching
  • and much much more :D

For those of you who are new to the term "drama," it's basically televised TV series; however, what makes them different from let's say american tv-series is that they don't/very rarely run for more than one "season". When the drama is over, it's really over, you've gotten the full story. They run in a miniseries format with a set amount of episodes, that is already decided before the drama starts to air. In rare cases the drama can be prolonged or shortened, depending on view ratings, but usually it stays with the set episode amount. 
How long a drama is depends from country to country. 
In Korea the most common number is 16, 20 or 50 episodes, where every episode is 40-70 minutes long. There are also so called "family dramas" in Korea, that have 100+ episodes, but then every episode is usually only 20-30 minutes long so in the end it still reaches the
"usual" 50 episodes amount range. HK-dramas follow the same pattern of around 20-40 episodes.  
Taiwanese, Chinese and Japanese dramas tend to range all from 5 episodes to 70 episodes. It all depends on what kind of story they're trying to tell, whether it's a historical drama or a drama set in modern time etc etc. I'll get into more detail about this and all the various genres in a blogpost I'm currently working on called "Your guide to Asian Dramas".


Rules and important information:

Eh? Don't worry! It's nothing life-threatening serious >_< just some small rules to make sure this blog becomes and stays a cozy center for discussions, analysis and other thingys.  
  • This is a my personal blog, and as such will include MY personal opinion, which may or may not differ from that of others. However, constructive comments and debates are always welcome!
  • Comments including spoilers of a drama or movie, should come with a SPOILER - warning. If you don't follow this rule, I'll sadly have to delete your comment :/
  • With the post above, it is only right that I as well, will make sure to mark reviews with a SPOILER - warning, if they contain such.
  • As for recaps of drama episodes, those WILL contain SPOILERS, so it's reading at own risk.
  • Theories and discussions are always welcome! Especially in recap posts where we can try to predict the plot together ^^
  • Last but not least: I hope you'll find my blog interesting and useful ❤
To end this in a fun way, here are


16 random facts about Mina:

1. I'm bloodtype A
2. I love snow, which makes living in Sweden a bit cozy
3. I have a pet budgie named Ricky (He is named after the singer Ricky Martin. Livin' La Vida Loca come on ~ ....okay I'll stop xD)
4. I've lived in 3 different European countries.
5. Because of fact 4, I can speak 5 languages and I'm fluent in 4 of them
6. I love languages and my next goal is to learn Korea *o*
7. Since 1994 I'm in a serious and very unhealthy relationship with rice. Yes. Rice, plain rice. I can eat it for dessert.
8. Besides dramas, my hobbies are playing badminton, reading, writing and watching history channel
9. I'm a huge history nerd. So if you see posts about/or related to Asian history, I apologize in advance, it's my nerdy side showing
10. Since dramaland and Kpop sometimes go hand in hand, I can say I'm a Kpop fan and my bias group is BIGBANG.
11. The "omo" in Omodramaland (which literally means 'Oh My Gosh') is a saying I find very cute in korean culture ^^
The last few facts will be drama-related since this is a drama blog after all ~
12. My favorite drama genres are melodrama and sageuk (korean historical dramas)
13.. My least favorite genre is probably medical
14. However as I always strive to be open-minded about things, I tend to give every interesting plot a try, regardless of genre and country of origin.
15. Some of my favorite actors are: Lee Min Ki, Lau Hawick, Kim Bum, Park Ki Woong, Ji Chang Wook, Nishikido Ryo, Joo Won and Hu George
16. Some of my favorite actresses are: Sawajiri Erika, Lee Bo Young, Chen Annie, Yang Mi, Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Ji Won.

Hm...I think that's it xD
If you have any questions or suggestions/recommendations feel free to contact me either by posting a comment on this blog or by sending an email to omodramaland@gmail.com
My name on mydramalist is MinaVIP. Feel free to send a friend request or contact me, I love to chat with new people!
Well then, I hope you'll find this blog useful and fun ^^