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[Rant/Review] - Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Scarlet Heart - Ryeo

WARNING: Contains spoilers for ep 19 and 20 of the drama. If you haven't seen the full drama, this will spoil the ending for you! Read at own risk!

Ugh there is so much I want to say about this drama! I'm sorry of this is so long DX I just finished watching the last two episodes and I need to write down my throughts. They are all over the place but I'll try to make it look a bit structured xD. This is mostly just my thoughts of the last two episodes, I'll probably make a real Review of the full drama in the near future. For now....yeah, bear with my rant haha.

Let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed and loved this drama. production value was top notch. OST...I'll be buying the physical OST. Acting..stellar. No complaints there. However....I felt perhaps this is one of those rare cases where a drama should've been longer. 20 eps wasn't enough. The novel was quite long, chinese verson had 38 eps (that was a bit too much and I felt that that version dragged) but a perfect 25-ish eps would've done this drama justice. In the end, the last two episodes kind of felt rushed and some stuff left me hanging like: ....huh?
Woohee's sudden death. Um...why? I didn't see the Point of it. It was so sudden and felt like it was there "just" to make Baek Ah abandon the king...Because....we needed more angst? Because So would be left all alone in the palace? When Ji Mong left it was the cherry to to the cake. He was truly alone then. Woohee's death I feel like served no other purpose but to suddenly shock people and also make Baeh Ah miserable (which is unforgivable D'X I liked him a lot. poor guy). Nah, I understand there was more to it than just a sudden impulsive act of suicide, but I still don't like how it was executed. I understand that she couldn't abandon her past and her people. She felt responsible and couldn't let it go, but....yeah. The way how it was done was just too cruel. Too cruel towards Baek Ah and it made Woohee seem like a very selfish person. I really can't forgive her for not coming up with a better solution. Also, telling him to turn around so he wouldn't have to witness it won't make it any less painful! She was selfish and cruel, I don't see her as a martyr at all. He already lost Lady Hae, maaan how much more suffering does he have to go through? T_T He just needs a hug. This drama totally made me fall in love with Nam Joo Hyuk. He is so talented and good looking!  

By the middle of ep 19 I just knew that this drama's name was Scarlet Heart: Angst. I was already prepared for the the ending to be tragic and/or bittersweet; so Soo's Death came as no surprise. However, there were still some tiny details that felt forced and..out of place. Like, I didn’t mind the sudden “Jung got Yo’s approval to marry Soo” – thing since he did say he had a way to get her out of the palace. But the way how it was handled was just…huh? And also, when So found out about Soo and Wook’s past romance…I understand it was just the last drop but..yeah….and also how they kind of portrayed Soo was the victim. It was she who left him first. So was right “he didn’t abandon her, she abandoned him” with her indecessiveness. I felt so sorry for him. I understand that this wasn’t the love she wanted. She loves him, she still loved him until her death but she couldn’t handle the palace life. She should’ve just said THAT. Not act as if she didn’t love him anymore. Ofc he felt abandoned…I can’t blame him because I interpreted it like that too. Her longing for him afterwards and wondering if he was still angry at her…um…whut? You left him first. Why are you suddenly acting as if he drove you out of the palace? scene where he hugged her and was all smiley ...I just wanted her to punch him in the face. He doesn't deserve her forgiveness. did she forget how he turned his back on her? I don't find his sudden act of kindness is enough. Even if he did help her leave the making So miserable. I guessit was more an Eye for an Eye against So than to actually genuinely wanting to help Soo.....he was a schemer until the end -.-*

Also, the whole "it was your fault" - Yeonhwa to Soo felt...weird...I understand that it was the perfect way to top her angst as she already felt guilty for causing some stuff, so to her hear that too would make her decide to leave..but Yeonhwa have no right to blame Soo...did you forget that it was your Words who influenced Wook the most? It's almost as if she tried to put all the blame on Soo to make hersefl feel better for what has happened to her family. I liked Yeonhwa through-out the drama. She was pitiful yet hateful. But that scene didn’t really make much sense to me…
I liked how Hae Soo died, and also the scenes that followed. Seeing So cry over her urn was heartbreaking. The daughter thing was cool too; and also how So finally forgave Jung and lifted his exile. That was sweet. I guess he realized he couldn't hate him anyone and wanted to thank him for being there for Soo and for taking care of his daughter. I still don't get why Soo never wrote to So about the truth. That she was from the future and keep it hidden? I understand it's easier said than done, but ....just tell him xD He would've called her crazy but at least he would've known the truth.

As for the ending, I both liked it and felt like it wasn't liked how she Went back to "our" time and how Ji Mong approached her about the fate thing and also how she remembered everyone at the museum and how she realized that the time travel wasn't in vain,she did end up changing So's history. He will not be rememebred a s a bloody monarch, she changed him so she succeeded, despite her love-Life being tragic...(she has partly herself to blame for that though...but let's not get into that). However the ending with So and how he "somehow" found out that she might be from Another was weird, I wanted her to tell it to him straight even if he wouldn't believe her at first. I wanted her to tell him the truth! X_X the ending was kind of will they meet again? The scar-thing was cool, I don't understand the purpose but it was cool.
As for Woohee's "reincarnation" first I thought she had gotten together with Wook....which would've been the joke of the year. LOL? xD I feel like the Bok Soon - daughter thingy was kind of confusing. I know Woohee wanted to be reborn as a Goryeo-person, and to live with Baek Ah, so if that is her reincarnation her wish did come true. I know some people ship them...but let's not forget that Bok Soon is still a kid ...calm down people xD.
I guess it was because they wanted to wrap it all up in the last two episodes but there wasn't enough time. In the end it was a great drama! Almost a perfect masterpiece. It will stay with me but did have some small flaws :s I have to also mention a lot of scenes I really DID ENJOY and LOVE. I liked how Wang Won got a small side-story with Chae Ryung, it kind of made his character a bit more important than just being "the right hand man of Yo". Also, I felt bad for Yo, I liked him. In the end he was just as pitiful as So. Mom was a bitch ...ugh she only cared about Jung in the end and used her two other sons D'X I liked the character development Wang Eun got. I loved So as a character, I loved and cried my eyes out at the rain-"batman"-scene and when Lady Hae died. I loved to hate Yeonhwa and Wook, I liked Court Lady Oh. I liked pretty much almost every single character! This drama will definitely stay in my heart as a deep drama that I was emotioanlly invested in. I'll remember it's wide cast of interesting and lovable characters and all the memorable quotes.
It's really hard not to compare it to the original chinese novel (which I'm reading right now btw) and to the chinese drama, Bu Bu Jing Xin, but I guess I'll leave that for the full review. I'm sorry that this post is probably waaay too long X_X but if you've read through all of this, I'm thankful <3

Let me know what you thought of the drama. Do you agree/disagree with anything in my rant?
I'm sorry it took so long to post anything new. I hope to see you guys soon. Hugs <3

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