Thursday, 24 March 2016

Announcement! Descendant of the Sun (Unpopular opinion alert!)

So where are the recaps..?

Hiya guys ~
I hope you've all been well!
I've recently been watching the last few episodes of Six Flying Dragons and now that it has ended...all I can say is IT WAS AMAZEBALLS! But I'll save the explanation to why in a later post. Please bear with my fangirling! x'D
As you probably saw on my "currently working on list" there were plans for a Descendant of the Sun recaps and analysis posts, and I did start working on the first episode..however, as I continued to watch the drama.....I'm so sorry guys but it is so so bad X_X like, I can't even express how disappointed I am in the story. It's not the actors fault, the actors are phenomenal. the quality of the drama is top-notch but the story....oh's just not working out for me X_x I'm 9 episodes in and I'm still wondering why the hell is going on, and why I'm even bothering to watch it etc etc.
Therefore, as every recap episode take around 3 hours to do, and I don't feel like I have the will to put that much effort and time into something that I'll just yawn about and criticize, I've decided to entirely drop the recap and analysis idea for this drama and instead just do a regular review when I've finished watching it all. I hope die-hard fans of the drama will be respectful of my opinion. I guess I just fail to see the epicness that is supposed to be DOTS.
With that said, I'm sorry that the recaps won't be happening, I know some of you have been looking forward to them, I hope you'll look forward to my new projects instead ~

I'll see you guys very very soon! Lots of love

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