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[Drama Recap and Analysis] D-Day episode 6

D-day (2015, South Korea)

                                [SPOILERS BELOW] This is a recap and analysis of episode 6

The episode starts off with Assemblyman Go Jae Hyuk talking to the chief of the fire department and tells him that the firefighter's first priority should be to save lives from now on, and not to focus on extinguising the fire. Meanwhile at the hospital, Dr. Kang apologizes to her subordinate for her behavior earlier.

Meanwhile Jang Ddol Mi and Lee Hae Sung keep a close eye on the patient. Ddol Mi gives Hae Sung the coffee can and chocolate snack she got from Ahn Dae Gil and tells him to eat this since she's worried he hasn't eaten anything all day. She tells him how she got this from Ahn Dae Gil and how she thinks he is flirting with her. To this Hae Sung is holding in his laughter. Ddol Mi doesn't understand what's so funny which makes it even more hilarious. (Clueless Ddol Mi is so cute x'D but there's no way she'd have known Ahn Dae Gil got that snack from Hae Sung).

Outside the hospital there is a riot going on among the Citizens as they're all desperate to find transportation and gas. The father of the Twins is there too and he begs the gas seller to give him some gas but he refuses, which triggers a fist-fight. Meanwhile Dr. Kang tells Hae Sung that he shouldn't bring in any more emergency patients to their hospital. Turns out the hospital's electricity generators are down and Kang tells him that she thinks the hospital won't even last 2 days. The patient Hae Sung saved need a respirator, and since the electricity is out...yeah. It's not looking good.

In the next scene Ddol Mi remarks that Ahn Dae Gil isn't just sweet to her but to every woman he lays Eyes on and teases him about it. Suddenly they stumble upon the twin's father who is completely beaten up. Ddol Mi quickly rushes to help him and asks what happened. He explains the situation outside to them. They tell him that even though it's hard they must find a way to get their hands on gas so they can move the patients to another hospital where there is electricity. The twin's father tells them that he won't give up and stands up and announces the news to all the patients in the waiting room and begs them to help him.

Meanwhile a nurse and Ddol Mi find food for the twin's mother who is also in critical condition and brings what they found to her room. The twin's mom starts Crying at the sight of the food and tells them how grateful she is for all the help since she knows that all the doctors and nurses are starving for her sake.  

In the next scene Captain Choi and his Group head off to Choi's house, or the ruins that remain of it, but no matter how much they try to search for Choi's wife and daughter, they're nowhere to be found. Choi Comforts himself by saying that they probably left to their relatives since he and his wife fought right Before the earthquake happened. But in a situation like this, nothing is certain.

Back at the hospital Dr. Han Woo Jin tells Ahn Dae Gil that his friend, despite surviving the surgery may not wake up since the hospital is this kind of state where there is no more blood, and no more supplies. He suggests that Dae Gil should prepare for the worst Before he heads off to visit the minister patient. The minister is still in critical condition and he yells on a nurse to go get a blood IV drop. Meanwhile Ahn Dae Gil's friend's condition worsens and is in critical need of a blood platelets. However fate is not on their side when then supply nurse tells them that she's already given away the last blood platelets to Dr. Han Woo Jin's patient.    

Hae Sung quickly runs off to the ICU-room and confronts Dr. Han Woo Jin about this. Woo Jin Waves him off and tells him that he should Think realistically force once in his life and that his patient won't survive anyways, therefore it'd be a waste to give him the blood platelets. Dr. Kang steps in and takes Dr. Han's side and tells Hae Sung that they need to be Cold-headed. Hae Sung refuses to accept this and asks if the reason why the ICU-patient is being treated with so much attention and care is because he is a VIP? Dr. Kang and Dr. Han refuse to see things his way and the Group has no other choice but to leave the ICU.

While everyone's feeling down due to the unjust situation, Hae Sung suddenly gets a brilliant idea. They'll use his motorcycle to get the gas. However no one is really willing to go with this idea which means Hae Sung will have to do it himself. Before he heads off he tells everyone to at least donate some blood to the patients, that's the least they can do. He also recieves the whistle the Little deaf girl used in the underground, as a good luck - charm. After that Lee Hae Sung heads off into the unknown chaos outside.

Meanwhile the fire fighters' are faced with even greater danger than fire: the angry citizens. Since the change of directors the fire figether's can't extinguish any more fires and can only stand by and watch the buildings to the ground. A handful of people start to protest against this and an old man even tries to run back inside the burning building while shouting that he would rather die than see the only thing he has (the shop inside the burning building) turn to ashes. The scene switches and we see that the twin's father has managed to somehow steal a bottle of gas and is swiftly trying to escape the enraged mass of people. The scene switches again and we see Ddol Mi donating her blood just like Hae Sung had suggested. During the blood-donation-process Han Woo Jin goes up to her and asks her why she's doing this. She tells him that even though she doesn't know if her blood will be able to save anyone, she is still willing to try and tells him that she doesn't agree with his ways of giving up on patients.

We're shown a quick flashback of when Dr. Han Woo Jin treated Child Ddol Mi and nowadays Ddol Mi looks sadly at him and tells him that she misses the old Dr Han Woo Jin. Meanwhile Captain Choi is still unable to fully accept the new rules of the fire figethers and tells the others that if firefighters aren't able to extinguish fire then they have no right to call themselves fire fighters. He then calls his chief and tells him that even if this may be the last call (as the walke-talkie is running out of battery) but he has to speak up his mind. He tells his chief that they must continue to extinguish fire and yells at him to tell him when they'll get access to water.
Meanwhile Hae Sung faces a big obsticle: a broken bridge. He uses all of his motorcycle stunt-skills (because apparently our badass genius surgeon is also a stunt-man woop woop! :3) and crosses the bridge. However during the landing he looses control of the motorcycle and and slams right into a sharp iron pipe that pierces his chest.

 But Lee Hae Sung isn't one to give up. He quickly gets up on his feet and heads off to the laboratory where the doctors give him as much blood plasma as possible. The doctor sees his wound and asks him if he is all right, but Lee Hae Sung just shoves a handful of tissues under his jacket and tells the doctor that he is just fine (no you're not dude, you're freaking bleading from the chest X_x) On the way back Hae Sung drives by the former hospital building (or the ruins that are left of it) and suddenly starts hallucinating about the death of the two men who got burried under it. He starts to panic and finds himself unable to drive away from the scenario. Without thinking twice, he jumps off his motorcycle and starts to dig into the rocks of the ruins. Suddenly, a man shows up from behind him and hits him in the head with a iron pipe. As Hae Sung collapses to the ground the man makes an attmept to steal his motorcycle but Hae Sung grabs hold of the man in a desperate attempt to stop him. However the man overpowers him and Hae Sung only manges to grab the bag with the blood plasma Before the theif drives off with the motorcycle, leaving wounded and confused Hae Sung lying on the ground. With that scene, episode 6 ends.  

My Thoughts:
It feels like it's been forever since I posted episode 5, but it's good to be back! Overall this was a pretty good episode. It didn't feel as actionpacked as the other ones, it was more of an aftermath-episode. Now that Hae Sung successfully performed the damage Control surgery, I figured Everything would be okay with the patient but nooo x_x poor guy. We got to taste Han Woo Jin's selfish and cold personality once again. Sigh. And here I thought I was slowly starting to feel something for him. Nope, he threw all my respect for him down the drain again. I agree with Dr. Kang that Han Woo Jin's ways are more realistic but at the same time, they are doctors, and I think doctors should be the most humane people on the planet, no matter how shitty the situation may be. Or maybe that's just my naive heart speaking X_X dunno. The scenes between Hae Sung and Ddol Mi continue to make me go naww <3 I have to say that I find the pacing of their friendship-grown-into-love very realistic and natural, it doesn't feel forced at all and you don't just get attached to them as individuals but also to them as a couple. The ending was probably the most unexpected thing that happened. I mean, I figured something would happen to cause a good plottwist at the end, but this totally aught me off guard! Who the f** is the weird who hits people in the head/back with a iron pipe? O_O Insane X_X and what now? Hae Sung is knocked out on the ground and time is running out and his motorcycle is gone and ..and...gaaah! x_x If I didn't have to study I'd definitely Marathon a few more episodes >_< D-Day never fails to keep me on the edge of my seat!
What are your thoughts about episode 6? Anyone else who wants to join me and hunt down the weirdo who stole Hae Sung's bike? haha xD
That's it for this episode guys, I hope you enjoyed :3 I'll see you all very very soon ~ hugs<3  

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