Monday, 27 June 2016

Omodramaland's 'Can't Contain The Feels' - Corner - Another Oh Hae Young (contains spoilers of the first 9 episodes)

Anyone else obsessed with 'Another Oh Hae Young'?

This currently airing korean drama has taken over my life. It has ruined all of my feels, all of my OTPs....Another Oh Hae Young is love. Another Oh Hae Young is life *_* I regret nothing! Are you obsessed with it too? If yes, yaaay, let's be friends! :D
Warning: this post contains spoilers of the first 9 episodes

Another oh Hae Young....maaan where do I even start? It's everything I ever wanted from a supernatural romance drama. It's cute, it's sad, it's gripping, it's mysterious, it's a freaking life-lesson.....I can ramble on about it all day and still come to the same conclusion: IT. IS. A. MUST-WATCH.
Perhaps it's not for everyone, we all have different tastes, but if you're one of those people who have looked at my mydramalist, and seen that we have the same favorite dramas, then perhaps you should give this one a go.
I freaking love 'Isadora' x'D

If you're sick and tired of cliché plotlines, I can tell you right away, sure some scenes are cliché (like for example the scenes where the main guy rescues the main girl, or when she is depressed and he tells her to come home because he worries about her etc etc, just small scenes that have been re-used in dramaland Before), HOWEVER, the plot and the plottwists are nothing I seen be done before. It even goes as far as to poke fun of some drama-plot twists. For example, there is a scene where our main guy Do Kyung (played by Shinhwa's Eric) asks his ex-girlfriend why she ran away right before their wedding and he tells her that "if it was because she had an incurable disease and didn't want to hurt him, he would forgive her" but she tells him that "it's nothing like that". If the drama had thrown the "Incurable disease - so I didn't want to hurt you" - card, I'd have flipped tables but it didn't, instead, the reason is far more more realistic, far more relatable, far more 'human'. You go around hating the ex-girlfriend Oh Hae Young for half the drama, she is a bitch, a heartbreaker, a cruel woman who left her boyfriend on the day of their wedding, and then suddenly you realize that perhaps she was right to do what she did. I can't say I justify her actions, she still did something cruel, but she isn't just the culprit, and Do Kyung isn't just the victim. You realize that it isn't about who was wrong and who was right, it's about  how people definite the word 'love', it's about being human, it's about life.
Another thing that really amazed and surprised me about this drama was the relationship Do Kyung and his mom. It's basically the spoiled golddigger- mom-who-pretends-to-be-younger-than-she-is - troupe, she is manipulative and extremely childish, and yet the approach the drama decided to take on this character is very refreshing. The fact that she didn't want ex-girlfriend Oh Hae Young to marry Do Kyung because Oh Hae Young was 'too clever' and because of this the mom wouldn't be able to use Do Kyung and guilty-trip him for money blew my mind ~
I won't lie, I expected it to be because Oh Hae Young was from a poor background or because she just didn't like her attitude blablabla, but this?? THIS? I did not see that coming.
Also, how can we fangirl about this drama without mentioning the romance between Do Kyung and Main girl Oh Hae Young? I mean, come on people: THIS. HOLY POTATOE THAT WAS HOT.

You know you're lying to yourself if you say I was the only one who fangirled her head off during this scene. Now I feel bad for sleeping on Eric's other dramas. I feel bad. Shame on me! I need a Eric-marathon....and probably replay this kiss-scene 100 times...every day. Thank's Eric, I guess his character is yet Another reminded why I'll be single forever -.-* (unrealistic #1000000boyfriend expectations).
If this continues to keep up the same quality as it has had for the past 10 episodes it will freaking go up to my top 10 all time favorite drama-list. Also, don't spoil if you already know the answer to this, but I can't wait to find out why Do Kyung is having these future visions of Oh Hae Young ...and (now himself) also wonder if the car accident is hinting that he will die o_o Avoid cars man. Don't you dare die on me! D'X Then again, this drama is so freaking epic that even if it Went for a sad ending, it would still be epicness-overload. Why do I say this? Because there is no way to have these visions-of-the-future without any consequenses. We (um..I) still don't know how or why he even has those, so I hope that will be explained soon ~ for now, I'll continue to marathon this drama and cry a river when it's over.
I'm done. Bye life. I need to go find myself a Do Kyung now haha xD


  1. I love this drama! Best drama of the year :D <3

    1. Yeah I agree! :D It's one of my favorites of 2016 as well!
      TvN as a whole as put out amazing dramas so far! :D